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Headshot Tips

The following will help you to prepare for your portrait or headshot session:

1. Consult with your agent or boss: They will have a specific way they want to market you.

2. Outfits: American ApparelTargetH&M or Zara are great places to find headshot clothing because their styles are basic and modern. Bring extra options if you are not sure about what to wear.  If you want 3/4 shots wear pants that match your outfit.  If you want standard headshots don’t worry about wearing matching pants.

3. Things to Bring:

◦ (Male Products)– Comb, brush, styling products, lip balm, shaving gear if you need it.

◦ (Female) Products Make-up, Hair products, curling irons, blow driers, etc.:  If you are doing your own hair and make-up please do your make-up and hair at home and bring things to do touch ups while you are here.

4. Parking Money: Have 3-5 dollars for parking.  There are meters that take a credit card on Main Street but just in case bring a little cash for parking.  There is valet parking attached to my building.  There is also a parking lot across from my building.

5. Nutrition: Make sure you’ve had a nice meal, so you are focused.  It’s all about giving energy to the camera.  You better have something in your stomach.

6. Practice Expressions: Your face has muscle memory.  So, the more you stretch your muscles during the shoot the better variety of shots you will have to choose from.  Practice expressions in the mirror prior to the shoot.  SURPRISED, HAPPY, SAD, WORRIED, SEDUCTIVE, LOST, CONFUSED, EXCITED, TEMPTED, DEVIOUS, NERVOUS, SCARED.

Something vibrant that makes you have a commercial feel. You want to wear colors that you look best in.  I suggest a medium intensity color. 

◦ Colorful shirts that compliment your eyes, skin and hair.
◦ Modern cuts, don’t be dated from the start.
◦ Shirts that frame your face shape.

Do Not –
◦ Too Colorful, or too bright.
◦ Busy patterns.
◦ Outdated styles and cuts.
◦ Stay away from white unless under a jacket.

Before the Shoot

◦ Muted colors.
◦ Grays, Blacks, Earth Tones.
◦ V-necks
◦ Layering is always a great idea.
◦ Try to keep your clothing modern.  Pay attention to the cuts of the shirts and the materials.  I like shirts that look modern but don’t distract.
◦ Try to put your vibe into the styling of this shot but not so much as it takes attention from you.  Keep it generic.


Do Not-
◦ Spaghetti Straps
◦ Busy patterns
◦ Overly stylish
◦ Out dated styles
◦ White

◦ I go through what clothes and match with backgrounds.

◦ Make sure you bring a few extra options for clothing. Unless you are totally sure about your wardrobe.  Options are good.

◦ Last-minute steaming and lint removing.  Details are super important.

◦ Next, we review what order we want to shoot the looks based upon changes in hair, make-up or sun location.

◦ Confirm what backdrops we will be using with which outfits.  Think about this before you arrive.  It makes it easier once you get here if you already have a good plan. Properly matching outfits to the back drop is important to keep contrast and color contradictions from happening.

◦ Final touch-ups on hair and makeup, then we begin shooting.

The Shoot

◦ I start off by doing a coaching session on how to pose and how to maximize the results of your headshot session.

◦ Each look takes about 10-15 min to shoot.

◦ While we are shooting, we are continuously evaluating our progress to make sure the photos are exactly what we are looking for. 

◦ If you have quite a few looks I suggest bringing a little snack to keep sugar and energy up.  Taking photos uses more energy than you would think.

◦ After the shoot, you can expect the photos to arrive within 1-3 days via Dropbox.  There also will be a link that has instructions on what to send me for retouching.