• Richard Amberson

Regional Director for State Farm Insurance

We were contacted by a new member to the Cheyenne Community who stated he was moving here with his wife and family of three including a new baby. Busy mom! The family just moved here from Los Angeles, California. Weather will be quite the adjustment for them I am sure. Cooler summers, but just wait. Mr & Mrs. Adam Wiltsey plan on making there home here for quite a while.

Professional Headshot
Adam Wiltsey

Dad needed a headshot and he needed it right away. He was told that would be no problem and we got it done for him so that he can post it on the website for State Farm Insurance and his business cards. I met with him and his beautiful wife at their temporary home. Mr. Wiltsey quickly changed into his business attire and we went outside and started the photo shoot. Both were surprised that I could fined a place at his home that would be acceptable to shot a headshot.

Mr Wiltsey stated the "he needed all the help[ he could get to make a good picture". Within minutes he was as cool and calm as could be and actually had fun doing the shoot and in just a couple of days he had what he needed. Headshot both digital and print with a print release for his website and business card/brochure.

Welcome to Cheyenne and hope you and your family enjoy it here.

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